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… you won’t go broke going to the movies!

We recently returned from a girls get away shopping spree to Sawgrass Mills, in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  It was a fun 4 days where, not only did we get to sleep in the Hilton’s Heavenly beds for 4 nights (which by itself was worth the trip all by itself) but we got to enjoy a little time away from work.  Obviously, I’ve been gone for a while or movie prices have just gotten ridiculous all on there own.

There was a movie theater close to our hotel so we thought we’d treat ourselves to a couple of movies while we were in Florida.  The first (and only) movie we say was the Avengers, and it was a fantastic movie, Andrea and myself enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  The only thing we didn’t enjoy was the price tag, granted, we did see it in 3D which made the movie a little more expensive, but come on $29.00 for a movie for two people, are you kidding me?   You think I would have learned with the movie price but I didn’t, I made the mistake of ordering the 2 regular drinks and 1 medium popcorn special for a mere $20 flippin dollars, really?

So bottom line $49.00 for a movie for two, where back home in Honduras, we can both attend a movie have the same junk food and it isn’t more than $12, and on special nights we can get tickets for $3 each.   Just another reason why we chose Honduras as our home.

Final note … go see the Avengers!!

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