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Raising a baby robin

First of all, I must apologize if I call any of the birds or lizards in the following pictures by the wrong names, I am just going by what others have told me.  Truly that isn’t the point of this post.

Three weeks ago, yesterday, I was on my deck with our two parrots, Jose and Peanut enjoying watching two fly catchers building a nest in our small eaves trough.  I then noticed a mother and father Central American Robin feeding their newly hatched babies in the palm outside my office.  Both scenes were so amazing I had to capture them on camera.


What followed later in the day was not so spectacular but I caught some of it on camera.  As I was watching the robins from my office window, the branch gave way a bit causing the nest to tip almost vertical, there were 3 babies in the nest and the parents kept feeding them diligently.

All of a sudden one of the little ones fell out onto the palm branch.  I knew what was going to come soon so I tried to figure out a solution  to keep the nest in the tree and quickly.  While searching for ideas I saw our resident lizards keeping eye on the activity, (you’ll see them in the photos as well).  Unfotunately as I was watching, the second baby toppled onto the branch knocking his sibling to the ground.

I rushed down the stairs only to find Spike (a basilisk lizard) nose to nose with the baby. I shooed him off but is was too late for this little guy.  I looked up to see how the other baby on the branch was doing and seconds later he/she fell also.  Luckily I was there and was able to catch him on the way down.  I frantically searched for some way to make hip a nest to perch in a nearby bush so he could reunite with his parents.  (Now this part may sound totally made up to you, but I swear it is not), I was totally amazed when Joey our Shepard cross came through the breezeway carrying a freshly fallen nest, (no exaggeration) within minutes of wanting a nest my dog brought me one!  (talk about the Law of Attraction in action)!

I put Turbo the baby into the next ant perched it atop a nearby hedge, right below the old nest, which fell soon after with the third baby on board.  This one’s fall was cushioned a bit so he didn’t die instantly  I picked up the third baby and nest and placed that on top of the bush, quickly transferring Turbo in to join his sibling.

I left them hoping there mother would return to them shortly.  (BTW it is a fable that mother birds will not return to their babies once touched by human hands, I know as I have been researching baby robins as of this day).

I kept a watchful eye on the nest and the distraught mother from my office while researching robins, after two hours of no visits to the nest I went down to check on the babies.  Unfortunately the 3rd robin had dies so I buried it with it’s sibling but Turbo was hanging on.  It was going to rain, the night was coming and the mother was no longer around so I felt obligated to take Turbo under my wing. (pun intended).

I meant to post this earlier but things came up. it has been 3 weeks and 2 days since catching Turbo, I take him outside daily hoping he will fly off (not far) and start his own Robin life, he’s learning to eat little bugs from the ground and now drinks water from a dish when brought back inside.  He takes short flights but never out of the yard, the lizards still keep a curious eye and I spend my first couple of morning hours watching over him with a shoe handy to throw if he gets attacked.   Hopefully he will soon become self sufficient and take off into the sky.  Until then I will keep you posted and keep him safe, anyone know how old a robin is when he becomes totally self sufficient?

Thank you to all of you who posted useful information on how to care for baby robins all over the internet, unfortunately most posts say take it to an animal rescue which we do not have in Honduras so thanks to those of you who actually helped give experiential advice on how to care for him.

Enjoy the photos, comments ans helpful advice appreciated.


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  1. Audrey says:

    Keep doing what your doing if he is eating drinking and pooping then he will survive..raised a few birds myself that have fallen out or been injuried and the main things is the 3 I mentioned…keeping warm as well but he looks like he will soon be able to fly away and maybe bring his own nest of young one’s for you to watch over one day..from your window…you have a kind of luck to you and Turbo

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