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Patience is a virtue, and a necessity in Honduras

If you want to learn patience, Honduras is a wonderful place to move to.  I have not always been the most patient of people but as everyday goes by in Honduras I learn more and more about patience.

Hondurans in general are not in a rush and they don’t expect anyone else to be in one either. If you’ve been keeping up with the posts you’ll see that the pool took a little longer than expected, the Barefoot Saloon was supposed to open in September, not going to happen!

The Saloon will open soon we are planning the Grand Opening for October 16.  We are pretty well ready to go, we have the bar, the menus, the staff all we are waiting for is the furniture and the beer coolers.

Poolside at the Barefoot Saloon

Poolside at the Barefoot Saloon

I have no doubt the furniture will arrive in plenty of time, as Oscar has not let us down before, Oscar is a local wood worker who had done all of the new wood work in some of the rooms, the front gate and in the bar.  He is meticulous in the work he does and that’s why everything takes time.

Now the Cervesa guys that is another story.  When we first ordered the fridges, they arrived within days, however both refrigerators looked like they’d fallen off the truck a couple times not to mention the rust inside.  I’m sorry but, when you’ve put as much effort into building a quality pool, bar and inn as we have, putting used appliances in is just not an option, we want the best for all of our guests. That was about 4 weeks ago and we’ve been waiting for the new replacements ever since.  Every time Donal (our bilingual employee calls, he gets the same answer…, Manana, we promise it will be there Manana. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that today is Manana and that we can successfully open in 2 weeks time.

The way I see it, the laid back, no rush attitude, is probably what a lot of us have been looking for or should possibly adopt, especially if you move to Honduras 😆

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