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Me a bird lover? Apparently so…

Another one of the joys of living in a tropical country like Honduras is the ability and affordability of having a variety of pets. Just on the Diving Pelican property alone, I’ve see a variety of lizards from Iguanas to the little ones that run on water (that will be fun when our pool is finished).  We have the resident Sammy J Turtle who lives in our yard that will vanish for weeks then suddenly re appear in another part of the yard.  We have a variety of noisy and colorful birds that hang out in the coconut trees and a family of doves that keep having new babies in the same nest on our stairway.

Recently we saw two parrots in a local feed store that were a bonded pair and only seven months old, Jay had fallen in love with the parrots at Tranquility Bay so we had decided that we would also have a pair of parrots when the time was right, well I guess this is as good a time as any.

So that day we bought the parrots and an extra large cage (that cost more than both birds combined (we definitely got “Gringoed” there) “Getting Gringoed is a common term for they saw you coming, many people will charge one price for Hondurans and a second price for Gringos”

So we’ve had the birds “Peanut and Jose” for almost a month now, they are very sweet to watch as they cuddle and preen each other daily.  We’ve gone through a few training bumps.  For example, Jose thought it was hysterical to charge me and bite my feet when I got too close to his girlfriend, he’d bite me then run away laughing.  You haven’t seen anything till you’ve seen a charging parrot.

Recently though we’ve discovered that they become very cuddly at night.  So in the evenings when we settle down to watch a show or a DVD we’ll bring both parrots out for an evening cuddle.  Sometimes they will both lie on one of us or we’ll end up with one each and watch them fall asleep as we pet them.  I never thought parrots lay down, but Jose gets himself cuddled right into me and no kidding will fall asleep laying down.

In a million years I would never have thought parrots would be a cuddly addition to the family but they are more so then even our cats or dogs.

So when you come to visit us at the Diving Pelican Beachfront Inn make sure to spend some time with Peanut and Jose, they’ll be hanging our at the Barefoot Saloon beside the pool.

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