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It was a sad day at the Diving Pelican

Just wanted to give an update on the Iguana that was rescued from a local dog.  First of all, it turns out that Igor was actually a Hummel or something not an Iguana so we renamed him Buddy.

Anyway, it looked like Buddy was improving a bit as you’ll see from the pictures below.  He eventually climbed our rock fountain wall, took him about 2 days but eventually made it near the top.  Everyday I left bananas out on top of the fountain for him.

Unfortunately, at this time we had to leave for Orlando for a couple of days and Buddy would be fed the occasional banana by our house sitter.  Upon our return from Orlando 5 days later we had learned that Buddy got startled and ran off the deck (still not sure if he had regained his site yet).  Fortunately he landed in a bush and later made his way to the ground.  My second day being back from our trip I was very excited because Buddy was moving around a lot and much quicker than usual, eventually he went and lay down under a fern and went to sleep, for good.  I guess he was hurt much worse than we had thought.

Good Bye Buddy 😥

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