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Our feautured Iguana was attacked by a local dog!

So yesterday, I look out my kitchen window to see Marcello Jr. and Sr. walking down the lane with their very sweet dog (perro in espanol) Doggie, yes that is really it’s name:) Next thing I know I see Doggie in my neighbors lot with Igor one of our local iguanas in his mouth.  Doggie, being his playful self was shaking Igor holding him by the head.  I was horrified, I love watching our local iguanas sunbathe everyday, I yelled at Doggie and he promptly dropped Igor and carried on with his day.

I grabbed the dish towel and ran down to hopefully save Igor.  He was lying right where he was dropped and not moving, I scooped him up in the towel and brought him into our champa (Honduran outdoor living area).  When I placed him on the counter he didn’t flinch but I could see he was alive by his shallow breathing.  I took another damp cloth and wiped the blood from his head, it looked like Doggie had punctured the top of Igor’s head and possibly his right eye but everything else was in tact.

Since I have no idea how to save an iguana, I called Dr. J and Henry, our friends and also the contractors that are putting in our pool. I thought Henry would know for sure being a born and raised Honduran, only to be informed that he had no idea because “Henry’s a city boy”. He did warn me however that the tail can be extremely dangerous being so strong and spiked.

We have another iguana that lives in out champa named Izzy Flop, on the odd occasion guests will see Izzy lying on the roof or on one of the beams but usually not for long.  Today, Izzy must not have been too happy to see another Iguana in his turf because he became the most inquisitive lizard you have ever seen, always peeking his head over to see and never out of our site.

Andrea brought Igor some watermelon and I climbed up and left a piece for Izzy which he promptly made vanish.

After really no movement from Igor for quite a while and the curiosity of Izzy we thought it beast to move Igor to a safer place to rest, so we moved him onto our deck and wrapped him in towels to keep him warm.   I know from watching BBC that Iguanas being cold blooded need to warm up in the sun to gain enough energy to forage.  That was for the Galapagos Marine Iguanas but I figured the same must apply for land ones as well.

He did move his legs a bit when I was carrying him this time so that to me was a good sign.

So I went to bed last night after one last look in on Igor, and it didn’t look good.  He did not appear to be breathing and his fins or whatever you’d call them that run the length of his spine were all laying flat all I could do was hope for a miracle.  I left him some water and watermelon and tucked him in for the night, hoping that I’d awake to see him basking in the sun on the cabana next door as per usual.

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