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Grand opening was lots of fun, despite the weather.

Despite the torrential down pour that occurred the entire day of our Grand Opening on October 30th, a great group of people still arrived winter coats and all.  Even the crew from Omega Jungle Lodge and Casa Cangrehal ventured down from the mountain to attend the festivities and really added a lot of great energy and fun to the party.  We felt a lot of support from friends Jeanette and Charles, Richard and Kelly, local business owners and other inn keepers in the area.

Fernando and Carlos worked late into the night Saturday to ensure we would have a temporary wall to hold out some of the rain and it worked, in was nice and dry in the new Barefoot Saloon and the Diving Pelican Champa.

Lots of friends, chipped in to help serve up the free appetizers we offered throughout the day including old neighbors and friends from Canada, Larry and Linda Forsythe . Linda was the wonderful hostess as she always is and Larry spent loads of time behind the camera gathering feedback for us.   They too own a beautiful resort in Trujillo, Tranquility Bay.  Some of our other friends from Canada, (and guests at the time), also helped out immensely in the kitchen, Lesly was a pro at lasanga preparation and Corry cooked up a boat;load of chicken wings and Jerk Chicken.

Thank you to everyone who attended despite the rain and wind, make sure to return on a Sunny day to really enjoy the Barefoot Saloon.  We will be open 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm everyday except Thursday, (weather permitting during the wet season).

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