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Diving Pelican Inn Pool is Complete

The long awaited end to major renovations has arrived.  After months of workers coming in and out and mounds of sand piled in the yard, the swimming pools, fire pit and view deck our complete.

Our beach bar “The Barefoot Saloon” will be complete and open to the public in September.  Enjoy the pictures below of our new swimming pool, we have planted some grass and tropical plants will be delivered this week to give the patio a much more tropical feel.  If you like what you see please share it with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure to fill out your information in the form to the right to be invited to our grand opening of the Barefoot Saloon and be the first to receive special discounts and promotions.

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  1. Bert Shook says:

    Probably, No, absolutely the nicest B&B in this part of the world, and the greatest folks I’ve met here in ten years of working and living, nearby in Cuyamel.
    If you are a diver the reef around Cayos Cochinos. Is world-class… Do visit!

    Bert Shook

    Good Luck You Guys… at the Pelican.

  2. Randy Scott says:

    Michelle: One of the ladies here at work, asked me the other day whatever happened to the Diving Pelican that you drew up? So we checked it out online! What a great job you have done with the entire place! The renovations, the new pool and the tanning balcony with the Diving Pelican set in tiles. I think it looks GREAT! I am definitely going to try and organize a trip down to see you! Lots of luv. JRScott

    • Michelle says:

      Hola Randy,

      Great to hear from you. Yes your logo is all over the place, on the sundeck for Goggle Earth to see, carved into our front gate, business cards, everywhere and more places coming. Thank you for designing it for us. You definitely have to come down to collect your payment. Hugs, Michelle.

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