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Canopy Tours and Hotsprings

Less than 10 minutes away from the Diving Pelican Inn is the Sambo Creek Canopy Tour and Natural Hot Springs.  One phone call and the guides will pick you up right at our door and deliver you to both a thrilling and relaxing day all in one afternoon.

When we first did this tour was when we made our initial trip to Honduras and was the trip that we fell in love with the people and the beauty of the country.  I had just come out of a cast from a bad break in my foot and was a little nervous about the zipline as my foot had ballooned back up again, but I needed to experience it.

Ronnie, one of the young guides offered to manage my line for me so we rode through all of the exciting lines tandem with him in complete control the entire zip.  Jay on the other hand let er rip and had his high speed thrill for the day.  The point being, it’s a great adventure for everyone and you will feel very well taken care of.

After the zip line we went directly to the natural hot springs where the temperature is controlled by placing large rocks in the flow from the boiling hot pool and regulating the cold water that meets it to form the springs.  Here we were given a lava mud scrub and fed the most delicious watermelon and sweetest pineapple I had ever eaten in my life.  There are many different pools you can walk to and enjoy.  Sit back relax and take in all the lush rainforest has to offer you.

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