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This is why it’s named The Diving Pelican Inn :-)

I was out shooting a quick video for my online business, and I noticed this flock of diving pelicans right outside our gate.  Shot a quick video, just because I think pelicans are cool. Enjoy!! Michelle

[Video], White Faced Capuchin Monkey Adopts a Kitten

Our friends Larry and Linda also own a resort on the North Coast of Honduras are also animal lovers and have rescued quite a few animals since moving here. One of their rescued animals is a White Faced Capuchin Monkey named Chimmi.  We’ve met Chimmi on various occasions and she is both a real rascal and a sweet heart. Recently one […]

Honduras roadside assistance…

The Diving Pelican Inn is 11 miles East of La Ceiba, about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of cattle crossing the road.   It’s a beautiful drive and I do it a few times a week to pick up people and or supplies for the restaurant. Last Friday I was taking 2 […]

Raising a baby robin

3 weeks ago I literally caught a newborn robin falling from a tree, I have been raising him ever since great photos

… you won’t go broke going to the movies!

So bottom line $49.00 for a movie for two, where back home in Honduras, we can both attend a movie have the same junk food and it isn’t more than $12, and on special nights we can get tickets for $3 each. Just another reason why we chose Honduras as our home.

The Diving Pelican Inn in now a proud sponsor of a futbol team

Over the last few months we’ve had lots of activity and one of the most exciting things that has happened is we sponsored a new soccer team. Cacao is a little village not more than 15 minutes from our home, it’s where Andrea spends her time helping volunteering

New Years Eve at The Diving Pelican Inn

When we moved to Honduras December 2010, we ended up having an impromptu New Years Eve beach party with bonfire and all.  It was nothing fancy, our new found friends arrived with hot dogs, buns, and all the fixings.  We toasted marshmallows and attracted other beach neighbors who soon became great friends and had a very enjoyable evening. So this year […]

Diving Pelican Pictures

Grand opening was lots of fun, despite the weather.

Despite the torrential down pour that occurred the entire day of our Grand Opening on October 30th, a great group of people still arrived winter coats and all.  Even the crew from Omega Jungle Lodge and Casa Cangrehal ventured down from the mountain to attend the festivities and really added a lot of great energy […]

Patience is a virtue, and a necessity in Honduras

Hondurans in general are not in a rush and they don’t expect anyone else to be in one either. If you’ve been keeping up with the posts you’ll see that the pool took a little longer than expected, the Barefoot Saloon was supposed to open in September, not going to happen! “Soon…but not yet,” D.R. quote…

33 Dollars for 2 Margaritas!!!

I recently returned from a week in Las Vegas and am very happy to be back in Honduras. While lounging at the pool one afternoon we ordered a couple of margaritas, nothing fancy just a regular margarita, not a double, just a regular. I just about died when they brought us the bill, $33 for 2 drinks

Diving Pelican Inn Pool is Complete

The Diving Pelican Beachfront Inn pool is complete and the rooms are renovated come and visit us.

The Diving Pelican Inn Pool will be complete for July 1

It’s certainly been a long stretch and interesting learning curve for everyone involved but it looks like the Diving Pelican Inn will officially be open for business July 1, good thing because we have guests arriving on the 4th 😎 With only 2 weeks left it took 3 truckloads of water and 3 more days […]

Concrete is poured at the Diving Pelican Inn

We are getting closer.  After what has seemed like a lifetime of never ending dirt and renovations, in a flurry of activity this week with over 20 people assisting we have the walls and floor have been poured for the pool.  🙂 I had no idea all that building a concrete pool entailed, specially in […]

Diving Pelican Adds a Pool and Beach Bar

After purchasing the Diving Pelican Inn December 2010, we quickly realized that there were a few items that we needed to add to make our guests’ stay with us even more enjoyable.