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33 Dollars for 2 Margaritas!!!

I recently returned from a week in Las Vegas and am very happy to be back in Honduras.  For years Las Vegas has been one of my very favorite places to visit for a quick get away, I love the food, the pools, the shows and of course playing blackjack (all in small doses).  Usually I am attending some type of seminar or workshop but this time just went for shopping while Jay attended a workshop with our wonderful Smart Trade Pro friends.

We had some amazing dinners and spend some time with great people and didn’t lose too much at the blackjack tables, so over all it was a great Vegas trip.  However, I soon came to realize how spoiled we are living in Honduras.  While lounging at the pool one afternoon we ordered a couple of margaritas, nothing fancy just a regular margarita, not a double, just a regular.  I just about died when they brought us the bill,  $33 for 2 drinks (including tax and tip) $33!!

Wow, has it been that long since I’ve been in Vegas?  Nope it’s just that the cost of living in Honduras has spoiled me and I really can’t fathom how USA businesses can get away with charging so much money for things that we can get down here at a fraction of the cost (taxes perhaps?)   Just using the 2 cocktails as an example, those 2 same Margaritas, at our beach bar, The Barefoot Saloon would cost under $10 for both, including tax and tip!  Yet just another answer to the question we so frequently get, “Why Honduras?” $5 Margaritas, that’s why 😎

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive beach vacation in paradise, come and visit us at the Diving Pelican Inn, on the beach at Sambo Creek, Honduras.

Happy Travels,



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  1. Jerry says:

    5 dollar margaritas sounds like a reasonable way to get pleasantly slushed :), while twinkling your toes in the sand.

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