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Concrete is poured at the Diving Pelican Inn

We are getting closer.  After what has seemed like a lifetime of never ending dirt and renovations, in a flurry of activity this week with over 20 people assisting we have the walls and floor have been poured for the pool.  🙂 I had no idea all that building a concrete pool entailed, specially in […]

Diving Pelican Adds a Pool and Beach Bar

After purchasing the Diving Pelican Inn December 2010, we quickly realized that there were a few items that we needed to add to make our guests’ stay with us even more enjoyable.

Me a bird lover? Apparently so…

Another one of the joys of living in a tropical country like Honduras is the ability and affordability of having a variety of pets. Just on the Diving Pelican property alone, I’ve see a variety of lizards from Iguanas to the little ones that run on water (that will be fun when our pool is […]

Bus Ride from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula

I’ve never ridden a bus like this.  Picture a fully reclining, over sized, international overseas business class airline seat… and now put it on a huge Mercedes-Benz bus of the Hedman Alas bus line in Honduras.  That was my 3 hour ride from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula Friday evening, April 15th, in order […]